Friday, 23 August 2013

My Week Off Work

Hey pals!

Me and mummy has been off work dis week and boy has it been a busy week!  First we had visitors so we decided to makes a toona cake.

Mmmmmm it do taste gooooooood!
I likes to help with da washing up
Finally my pals arrived and me and Charlie started playing immediately...

Heeeeeeeeeeelp! He got me leg!
Having a time out
Lexi is more sensible den me and Charlie and watched da antics from da comfort of da sofa.

Lady wot watches

My pals did bring der mum with dem to keep my mum busy

Pile up!
Come and play Lexi!
After my pals went home, me and mum went for a walk

Wot long legs we has!
Den today me and mum got up early-ish and went for a walk to da reservoir, we loves dis walk.  I is wearing my new Ruffwear Webmaster harness

Does dis harness make me look fat?!
Time for a campfire song... kum bay ya!
Zoooooomies time!
Yes yes, I is handsome!
More zooooomies
Can you sees me?!
Dis is da closest I gonna get to da wet stuff!
Me and mummy!!
We did find a dead sheep, well da wool and bones anyways.  Don't look if you has a weak stomach...

Poor baa baa
We did turn da corner and see a live and kicking sheep
Hello sheepy!
We did find a tennis ball and I immediately fort of my pal Rohan (@RohanTheBT), he does love a tennis ball!
Game... set... and match!
Did walking stuff is tiring!
Is dis my more handsome side?
I did find a big pile of leaves and jumped on dem... turns out dey wos covering a big muddy puddle...

Wot?! You said you wanted me to have walking boots
As you probably guessed, dis muddy business led to me having a shower when we got home.
And dat concludes da story of my week off work so far, we still got more days off and I hopes to have more mini-adventures.

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