Monday, 15 September 2014

Important Review Task from Wagg

A special box from Wagg HQ did arrive at my house and I wos so excited to see wot my very important reviewer task wos gonna be.  Mum did helps me to open da box as I can no use scissors, dey is fiddly fings my pals!

*sniffs* I can smell somefink nommy...

Well wot a lovely surprise, my tasks was to nom a brand new product made by da peoples at Wagg (closely supervised by my pal Dalton of course!) and den write about it.  Da new product be Moist Meaty Chunks and I got beef ones, I do believes dey come in chicken too but you will need to ask Dalton as he be da expert.

I will open dem with my teefs...

I did put some in my bowl and wos very impressed by da size of dem… dey be huge chunks!  I do have a big mouth you see pals so dees are perfects for me.
Stop taking photos and give me my new noms! *stamps paw*

I did wolf dem down and had to close my eyes to make sure I used all me senses to enjoy da nomminess wot be da new Moist Meaty Chunks.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!

Da only downside to da Moist Meaty Chunks is da dey no last forever!

I licked me bowl clean... saves on washing up!

To summarise… da new Wagg Moist Meaty Chunks as moist, meaty and chunky. Dis means dat dey be PAWESOME and you should rush out and buy dem immediately if no sooner!