Monday, 12 November 2012

Busy Busy!

Hey pals!
I has had a very busy time with mum.  First we ate toast...
Mmmmmmm #nomnomnom
Den we went for a lovely walk, everything looks so nice and autumny. Da leaves are falling and changing colour, tis so pretty. 

Pretty colours and leaves to roll in
Mum let me off da lead to play in the leaves and guess wot I found... foxy poop!  So I did wot any sane dog would do and rolled in it... a lot!!  I got covered from da top of my head to da tip of my tail.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle... how I love da foxy poop!
Mum was not impressed with my new Eau de Foxy Poop and said a few words dat I cannot repeat cos dey is norty.  She marched me home and made me have a shower... she washed away da lovely foxy poop smell.
I fink she felt guilty for making me smell "nice" cos she got out my favourite toy.  I is only allowed to play with it under supervision cos otherwise I would eat it.  My pals Ted & Issac (@realjoannek) gave it to me for my birthday in July and I haven't had chance to #destructogang it yet cos mum has always got her beady pretty eye on me. 

Does it look like I'm throwing it up? *giggles*
Me and mum had a good game of tug
I is letting her win you know!
Time flew by and before we knows it tea time has arrived so mum dished me up a big bowl of my favourite Wagg.  I is a close, personal friend of da Wagg chief taster Dalton (@waggfoods) and I have to say dat he has very good taste cos I loves it! 

Me can't eat all dat! You is crazy woman!
I had a very good weekend and can't wait for da next one.  Personally I wish mum and dad would give up work and tend to my every need but apparently dey is too selfish has to earn da pennies to pay for my noms.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Party and Surprise Packages

Hello lovely pals!

We did have a Halloween party on Saturday and my pals Lexi and Charlie came over to play.  Mum and Dad did also invites their pals but dey not as interesting as my pals.

I made an effort and dressed up for da Halloween party.

I is a good wizard... honest!

Mum likes to keep herself entertained by carving a pumpkin.  Usually she grows her own but dey did die cos I peed on dem so she had to buy one.

Ooooooooo scary pumpkin... I should've peed on dis one too

Anyways, back to me.  Our doggy party went very well and we dids play lots and lots.  We stayed up til 3.30am den decided it was nap time.

Lexi has got me dumbbell... I wants it but so does Charlie!

So der we was napping aways when we does hear a noise... in da garden... so I goes to investigate and den "woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof" at da fox in da garden.

I is not sure wot happens next but den Mum is downstairs with us and she don't look best pleased.  Apparently it is 6.30am and I has woken everyone up.  Next Dad comes down and takes us for our morning walkies.

After a big 3 hour nap and a walk we is ready for more playing.  Me and Lexi have a play fight...

I is gonna gets you Lexi!
After more playing we decides to nap again.
Syncronised napping...

I must've played lots and lots cos I slept all afternoon and evening.

Daddy is a geat pillow... zzzzzzzzzz...

Da next day we comes home from work to a surprise package from Farm and Pets Place (@farmandpetsplace)

Wot's in da box I wonders...

I finks it's best to look before anyone else... just to be on da safe side.

Nearly... found... wots... in... here!

And den mum helps out by emptying da box and dis is wot I gets...

So all in all I had a fab few days with great pals and great noms!