Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dis weekend me and mummy had a lovely visitor called Aunty Fifi.  She is so much fun and I usually try to hump her leg but dis time I was on my bestest behaviour.

Me and my Aunty Fifi - she gives good foot!

Mummy and Aunty Fifi had a good few drinkies but mummy still got up early to take me for my walkies.  On da walkies we found dees teeny tiny paw prints...

Could it be a teeny tiny pocket dog??

Aunty Fifi had to go home so me and mummy wondered wot to do with our time.  Den we had a great idea!  Agility!!  We didn't have any equipment so mummy improvised with a broom and giant cushions...

I can fly!

After all the excitement I decided to do a bit of reading...

Oh hello, I is just doing some reading

I need to find out how to train mummy and daddy better, dey still don't let me sleeps on da bed!

Reading makes me hungry...

Just a little nibble...

Well dat is my week so far.  I is off on more mini-adventures soon so keep an eye out for my stories!

Thanks for reading pals!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dog Show in Newport - 4th August 2012

Last Saturday I went to a dog show with Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Maria, Uncle Barrie, and my pals Lexi and Charlie.
Dis be Lexi

and dis be Charlie

It was most fun and I met lots of new peoples and dogs.  Some of da peoples I did not like and told dem so, apparently I did it in a “not very nice way”.  In my defence, I don’t finks humans would like it if us dogs walked up to dem and started touching dem without a handshake first – humans do take liberties!  Mummy has looked into somefing called ‘diversion tactics’ – yeah, good luck with dat one Mum!!

I wos entered into 2 categories; Most Handsome and Best Short Coat

Dis is me being groomed by Daddy

Me with Mummy and our entry card... paws crossed!

I can hear you say now that I obviously won both but no... I did not win a fing! Da judge was an old cow bag who liked weird dogs older lady who seemed to have a preference for huskies. Da evil huskies won everyfing!

Dis was me waiting to be judged

Dis be Mummy with Aunty Maria... we fink dey were
enjoying dis more den we woz!

Lexi entered Prettiest Bitch and came 3rd! She is a very pretty girl.  

Pretty Lexi and her ribbon

Charlie was in da Most Handsome category with me and even he didn’t win! We was all gobsmacked! My pals on Twitter were outraged and demanded a re-count... I wanted to pee on da judge’s shoes.
Did I wins anyfing mummy???

We did gets to meet dis handsome fella tho (no, he didn't win either!). I can't remember his name but he was friendly and seemed to know I is best pals with hundreds of BTs on Twitter

Is you on Twitter new pal?

Dis little puppy dog was da cutest ever, he was only 9 weeks old and had a teeny tiny human with him - EVEN HE DIDN'T WIN!!

Little puppy with little human!

Well I has to say dat I had a pawesome day with my pals and is looking forward to entering more dog shows in da future.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hello pals and welcome to my first ever blog!  I is new to dis blogs stuff so please bear with me.  More will follows shortly...