Sunday, 14 July 2013

Checking Up on Granddad!

Hello my pals!

I has had a very busy weekend so far.  Me and Mum got up really early on Saturday and drove down to Bournemouth to visit Granddad and Nanny, we wanted to check on Granddad's recovery.

Dat bestest bit wos da we did no tell dem dat we wos coming!  Oh we did surprise dem!  Granddad fort he wos seeing fings when we turned up.  Luckily dey wos very happy to sees me us.

Dat weather wos lovely so we sat in da garden.

Shady spot under da table be perfect
Another shady spot under da table be just as perfect
It wos quite hot so mum decided to cool herself off with a nice Oreo cornetto fingy.  Da selfish sensible woman would no let me have any cos it be filled with chocolatey goodness and dis be poison for us doggies so she stuff her face with it I just wotched her eat it without any bitterness at all... no none at all *mutters under breath about greedy lady*

I no wont it anyways! *dribbles*
My Uncle Paul said he would do a BBQ for our dinner so I went to check on da lettuce.

Didn't I pee here last time mum??
When da sun went in, we got da BBQ out and I took a supervisory role from da grass.

All well so far
Dey no look cooked to me!
While Uncle Paul wos cooking away, he decided to put on some music.

DJ Uncle Paul in da hoooooooooooouse!
Supervising does be very important and tiring work so I fort I would just lay down and wotch.

Sleeping with one eye open
Mum got a bit close... you can sees up my nose!
Keep up da good work Uncle Paul!
More horizontal supervising
Does my bum look big in dis picture?!
I found my bone!
More supervising... zzzzzzz
Me and Granddad did get da table ready... well we wotched mum do it so dat be da same fing really.

Is it ready yet????
And finally...

Oooooo BBQ with me kibble!!
I did scoff mine in record time which is a compliment to Uncle Paul's BBQ skills and does not mean dat I is greedy at all.

Waiting patiently for droppings...
Nanny is a sucker lovely lady and did save me some burger and sossige.  After we has all cleared away, it wos time for dessert.

I know you had somefing tasty up der...
Mmmmmm lemon white stuff pie!

After all da food and chatting it wos bed time.  We had a pawesome day and seeing Granddad wos brilliant cos he be doing excellent after da doctor man did cut him up and play with his heart. 

Me and mum did get up very early dis morning (Sunday) and drive all da way home again.  It wos a long trip and a short stop but it wos worth it!!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Birthday Boy!!

Hey pals *waves paw*
For dem of yous who not no, yesterday (4th July) wos my 4th birthday!
I did gets lots of pressies, some arrived da day before my birthday.
Dis my present from Scrappy Nelson (@scrappyn)
I want to open it now!
Oooooooo exciting, a pressie from Issac and Bobo Cat! (@realjoannek)
Mum is a big meanie and made me wait til my birthday to open my pressies. 
Birthday morning restings
After work I wos allowed to open my pressies.  Mum put dem all on da sofa for me to see.
First I opened my pressies from Issac, Bobo Cat and Scrappy Nelson
I is opening my pressie
Great pressies from great pals!
New toy fun!
Me working on my #destructogang technique
My new treats ball!
Test driving da noms ball!
Den I did FaceTime with Nanny and Grandad and dey wotched me open all my pressies dat dey gave me.

So many noms!
Mmmmmm cigar!
When Daddy got home, he helped me open my pressies from him and mummy.

Hold it steady... I nearly der!!
Ooooo a dumbbell to do my weights liftings!
A dinosaur bone!!
Too much to choose from!!
Din dins mat!
Happy birthday to me...
Mmmmmmm #nomnomnom
I had a pawesome birthday, it wos so much fun.  I a spoilt boy and is so grateful for lovely family and pals!