Sunday, 20 January 2013

More Snow Fun!

Me again pals *waves paw*

Last night I was so tired after all my playing in da snow dat I decided to steal mum's chair and she didn't have da heart to move me cos she is a sucker so lovely

Oh but mummy I is so comfy...
Dis morning we went out in da snow again and found some paw prints

Ooooooo I wonder where dees is from...
Turns out dat dey is mine!

Wot you mean da snowdog not come visit?!
I went off sniffing around and da next fing I no, we has a visitor for real!
Who do you be den?
He is not very chatty.

I is bored of you already!
Mum wanted a picture taken with da new no-speaking pal... she is strange like dat!

Hurry up, I gots more snow to sniff!

We is not sure if da snow be staying or going, some say we is getting more... I hopes so!


Saturday, 19 January 2013

I Loves Snow!

Today's blog be all about da snow! I loves da snow! I wish it would snow every day but some pals don't like it so I settle for once in a while.
We woke up Friday morning to lots and lots of lovely white fluffy snow.  We got our coats on and went outside to pal... I was very very excited...
Me doing da zoomies in da lovely snow

I zoomed past mum den zoomed back and tried to steal her glove... I missed tho... darn it... I loves gloves

Gimme da glove!
Dad distracted me from da glove-napping with a game of 'catch da snowball'...
After da snowball fun I decided to investigate da rest of da garden
More moochin'...
Action shot!
Dis is how much I loves da snow...

*spin spin spin wag wag wag*
I had so much fun but was getting chilly so went indoors and napped for da rest of da day.  When I woke up today da snow was still here so we went to da field

Checking for peemails from pals on da way
I zoomed and zoomed and zoomed.  Mum saw me zooming straight for her so dodged me... dey has learnt da hard way!

Gots to keep her on her toes!
Eventually I slowed down...

She caught me!

I is now snoring on my bed and recharging my batteries for more snow fun before it melts away.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas and New Year Fun!

Hello pals!
I has had a very good Christmas and New Year so I thought I would show you some pictures.
Me and my big bone... I loves Christmas!
I got lots and lots of presents for Christmas and here is my new coat and blanky...
Blanky modelled by mummy
I loves my new coat and now I matches my bestest pals Ted & Issac (@realjoannek) and Scrappy Nelson (@scrappyn)
Me and all my presents!

After Christmas we decided to go walking with our pals Barrie, Maria, Lexi and Charlie (@stables10) even though it looked like it was going to rain.  Dis was fine for us pups cos we put on our coats too. 

We is leading da way in fashion as well as walkies
Giant leaf pile!! *zooooooooom*

My human cousin Rod came over for New Year and brought my Christmas presents from him and his lovely lady Sarah.  Do you likes my new sign?  It hangs on da door above my bed.
Unless peoples bring treats den dey welcome too!
It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's Super-Winston!!
My pals Lexi and Charlie also came over for New Year (dey brought der parents with dem to keeps my mum and dad entertained) so we thought it would be funny if dey also tried on my super costume.
After all da costume fun we carried on da party with some log nomming which Lexi 'borrowed' from the wood pile by da fire
Tis like Lady and Da Tramp
Den Lexi went onto da hard stuff...
*glug glug glug*
All da partying was hard work so I decided to take a little nap with my new blanky
Da next day we was all feeling a bit worse for wear but it was worth it!
Ouch my head!
Yesterday we took da Christmas decorations down so da tree is outside where it belongs and my bed is back in front of my radiator

Warm and toasty!

Well pals Christmas is over and tis only 355 sleeps until da next one!