Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hey pals!

Today I did takes mum for a walk to da park.  I got her up nice and early, dragged her lazy butt outta bed and we went to a lovely park called Parc Cefn Onn in Cardiff.

Me in da park... *wispas* did you get my best side mum?

Da park did looks very pretty dis morning and had lots of lovely sniffs for me to sniff at.

Shall we go dis way?

Or dat way?

Bored of photos... let's go!!

We did walk up da path to a big pond and I saw a big fish!  It made me fink of da time when my pal Molly (@jackmolly3) did fall in her pond while trying to snog da fishes!

Mmmmmmm pond grass!

I keeping a safe distance...

She making me do more posing *tuts at mum*

We did keep walking and ended up round da other side of da big pond.

Da sun shines just for me!

Last time we wos ere I did go into da stream and mum no even push me in!  She did finks dis wos a fluke but LOOK...

Cooling off me paws

Found big stick

Found even bigger sticks... dey bit stuck tho

Der wos no-one else in da whole park, it wos lovely!

Wot you doing woman??

Seriously get da camera outta me face!!

When we got home, I did go into my garden and I dids a spot of sunbathing.  Perfect Sunday morning!