Sunday, 24 February 2013

Weekend Walks

Hey pals, tis me Winston!

I fort I'd tell you about some walks da me and mummy has been on, well tis da same walk done 2 Sundays in a row.  We is getting fit!

Mummy drove us in da car to get to Coom Cuum Cwmynnnnnnn Cwmynysscooooog *mutters under breath something about difficult Welsh words* Cwmynyscog to do da Edlogan Manor walk which has a mountain, trees and a reservoir.

Dis is some photos from last weekend...

I see da sheeps... I want da sheeps!

Lets go dis way!
Once we got to da reservoir, mum let me off da lead
Dis is a dangerous walk... I nearly got wet paws!
Now time for posing by my #destructogang walking bag... da fings I do for my mum!

Hurry up woman, I've got more zoomies waiting for me
I smelled tea and donuts... where dey be?
Mmmmmm donut #nomnomnom

Now for today's photos!  We woke up to a sprinkling of snow everywhere and it was soooooooo chilly but Mum insisted dat we gets up and goes walking.

I finks we should go back to da warm car
Oooooooo sheeps!

Time for a little drinkies

Now for some zooooooooomies!
And some sniffings...
And more zooooooomies!

Me and my mummy! I is posing...

My reservoir

On our way back to da car, we came across some tree carvings... of mushrooms.

More posing mum... ooooo da floor is cold!

Ok make it quick *poses*
Wot a lovely view...

So pals, I has had some lovely walks lately and I hopes to have lots more... as long as da horrible rain stays away!!

I is now at home and has been showered *glares at mum*... nap time is calling.

Zzzzzzzzzz *snores*


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello all my pals!

I want to wishes you all a happy Valentine's day and sends you big slobbery licks and hugs.

I received 2 Valentine's cards dis year and none of dem wos from my mum so dat is a big improvement on last year.

I is a very lucky boy!

Da one on da left is from Zola who is a doggy dat me and mummy sponsor at Dogs Trust.

The one on da right is from the very lovely Lily Rose (@lilyrosepup) and she looks just like da French Bulldog on da card... she is veeeeeeeeeeeeeery pretty!

Me and my card from a gorgeous blonde! *blushes*

I hopes you all have a pawesome Valentine's day! *blows kisses to all my fans*

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Scrappy's Fancy Dress Party!

Hey pals!

I had a very exciting time last Thursday.  My pal Scrappy Nelson (@scrappyn) hosted a fancy dress party on Twitter and da theme was Superheroes!

Last time Scrappy had a party, I ended up in my Dad's pants *shakes head at mum*

Wot has da crazy woman done to me?!?!

So dis time I was very relieved to have my Christmas present from my cousin Rod to wear

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super-Winston!
Now is time to meet our host... RoboScrappy
Just don't let me near da microwave!
Here be some of our Twitter pals in der fancy dress.  First up is Gimli (@gimlibt) as...
Da Gimli Lantern
Next up is Clapton (@claptonterrier)...

Super Clapton... he be fighting minor crimes quite slowly...
Dis next pal crawled through da desert to get to da party, tis Rohan of Arabia (@rohanthebt)...
Tis really a desert behind him...
Did you sees da film Seabiscuit?.. He did makes a special appearance specially for Scrappy's party... Tis Barney (@cornishbarney)

I is a thoroughbred you knows
Our next pal is Austin "Scruff" Powers (@maria7scruff)...

Yeah baby!!
We even had a superstar come to da party... please meet Mabel (@mabel_border)...

No photos please!
And straight out of Downton Abbey comes Sid (@sidclare)

Oh de humilashun!
We also had a visit from Pinky and Perky (@jackmolly3)

Flippin' photoshop!
And dis pretty lady is... wait wot you mean she no lady... tis my boy pal Blue (@bluetheborder)

Da fings we do for pals!
Lastly I has to show you da photo of Scrappy's first fancy dress attempt *giggles behind paw*

Da Mummy... or is he a nun?

Our Twitter parties can get a bit out of hand so luckily we had security to keeps us all in check and make sure Scrappy didn't overdose on wotsits...

Borris (@borristhedog) reporting for duty!
Our bestest pals Ted and Issac (@realjoannek) couldn't attend da party as dey was very very busy preparing der house for der new brother Bobo the cat... 

Scrappy even gave prizes for best costumes, da winner was Gimli Lantern and 2nd place was Seabiscuit Barney!  Well done to all my pals, it really was a fun night!