Sunday, 31 March 2013

Snowy Mountain Fun at Easter!

Today we decided to go for a lovely Easter walk up a mountain...

I is waiting!!
But when got up der we found SNOW!!!!

Good job Dad is a good driver!
Snow = happy days!

Dis wos a bit of a surprise and we wosn't wearing our snow gear but we decided to stop and have a play.
Free buffet!
Me and Dad posing
My paw print... Mum went all soppy again *tuts*
My parents... dey is nuts!
Come on Dad, der be more snow dis way!!!
I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch da sky...
I has found a deep bit
I likes to lick da snow
Walk and lick... walk and lick...
We didn't stay long cos it be very very cold so decided to go home and warm up in front of da radiator
Assume da position... and... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Very Special Sunday...

First of all I want to says happy Mother's Day to my mummy and dis blog is for her.

Dis morning I gave mummy some presents and cards from me and Daddy. She wos so excited dat she had trouble opening her presents, luckily I wos on paw to help her. I has pawesome #destructogang teeth you knows.

I helps mum... I has da teeths for it!

Eventually she got da hang of it and da presents were opened...

 Ooooooo dey smells good... wot you mean I can't have any??
Alright I shall just eat dat box instead den!
Dees be mum's cards and presies cos we loves her so...

Spoilt mummy!
Cos I wos such a good boy and helped opened da presents, I got a present of my own

Wot a day! 
Happy Mother's Day to all da mummies out der!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A slow weekend...

Well pals, I is a bit low on da news front but I forts I would share a couple of things.

Mum decided to make me a new bed...

Tis a bit flat... not da comfy if I be honest!

After a bit of time, mum got da hang of dis bed-making lark and I ended up with dis...

Tis sooooooo much squishier
Da next bit of news is dat we has a new family member, his name be Edgar.

My new brother... Edgar da Elephant
He no speak English!

Dat is all my news... I told you it wos a bit of a slow weekend!