Saturday, 5 October 2013

Outrageous Allegations!

Hello pals

I took mum and dad for a walk dis afternoon and have been subjected to outrageous allegations!  Dey is saying dat I did roll in da foxy poop!

My pals will no dat dis is not somefing dat I would do... hang on pals, mum is saying somefing.

Ummmmm apparently der outrageous allegations is back up with photo and video evidence...

Dat is not me... tis a dog wot look like me!

Zooooooom... tis slippery grass!
Dis is me!

I loves dis football pitch!

Check out my tongue *giggles*

Go dis way!

Now dat way!

Ok, dis COULD be me!
Zoooooooooooom... wotch ya legs!
I is off again!

As you can see, tis obviously photo-shopped and I is innocent of da foxy poop rolling allegations.  Mum always finks she be right so made me have a shower anyway.

I is not naked, I still has my collar on!


I is now having a nap to get over da allegations and horrendous shower cruelty.  I plans to fight dees allegations in doggy court and have a big noms payout!