Friday, 23 August 2013


... Mini-Winston II!

When mummy made Mini-Winston I for granddad, I said she should make a wooly-bro for me too.  She is a well trained mummy and look wot she did for me...

Mini Winston II

Mum did introduce him to me and I had a good sniff... and a lick... and I tried to eat his tail...

We did take a trip to Nanny and Granddad's house and Mini-Winston II came with us.
Make sure you're strapped in!
We did introduce Mini-Winston II to Mini-Winston I and dey got on like a house on fire.

Da Mini-Winstons sharing a private joke
Mini-Winston II is also on twitter, he be @Mini_Winston and will fill in for me on mini-adventures where dogs not allowed to go!

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  1. Wooo...iz good to ave a mini-me my pal...haz dere uses....