Sunday, 8 September 2013

Morning Walkies with Mummy!

Today I did take mummy on a morning walk.  I decided to go somewhere we no been before cos den I gets lots of new smell to sniffs.

Da walk is called Cwmynyscoy Local Nature Reserve... no I can't pronounce da name of it neither!

Nature gone wild!
Too much words so we just looked at pictures
Wot be over der hiding in da bush?!
Fink I'll leave it be...
Mooch over in dis direction...
Ooooo rocks!
More sniffings...
Mooching dat way...
Zoooooooooom... sniff... roll... stinky me!!
Wot a view!
We didn't stay out for too long cos da weather man did says it wos gonna rain all day today. 
When I gots home I had to have a SHOWER... apparently if I roll in it, I gots to have it washed off *huffs*

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mini-Winston's Trip to Bangor

Hey pals!

Mum had to go on a trip to Bangor with works and apparently I wos no allowed to go!  So I sent Mini-Winston II (@mini_winston) to take my place and report back.

Dis be Mini-Winston on da train...

Getting comfy 

When dey got to Bangor, dey went to mum's work but no photo wos taken due to security reasons... *whispers* she don't work for MI5 so I finks dis be an excuse for forgetting to take dem!

After a few hours working it wos time to leave and find da hotel.  It was right by a road with a name dat mum fort deserved a photo *tuts at soppiness of mum*

Love is in da aiiiiiiiir... did you spot Mini-Winston posing?
At da hotel, mum and Mini-Winston checked in and went up to der room.

Where you gonna sleeps mum?
Wot a lovely view!

Noms time!!
After dinner dey wotched telly and went to sleep.

Mini-Winston catching up on da morning news
After a quick shower (mum, not Mini-Winston cos he be wooly!) it be brekkie time.

SOSSIGES!!  No fair!!
After a busy day in da office, it wos home time again

Close up!
Noms for da train home
Tis a long journey apparently so mum had to keep Mini-Winston entertained

Despicable Me and Wotsits... nomnomnom!
4 & 1/2 hours later and dey did arrive home.  Mum says I did da bestest happy dance ever! *puffs out chest with pride*
Well dat wos Mini-Winston II first mini-adventure, I hopes der won't be many more cos dat will mean dat I is left at home again!!