Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mini-Winston's Trip to Bangor

Hey pals!

Mum had to go on a trip to Bangor with works and apparently I wos no allowed to go!  So I sent Mini-Winston II (@mini_winston) to take my place and report back.

Dis be Mini-Winston on da train...

Getting comfy 

When dey got to Bangor, dey went to mum's work but no photo wos taken due to security reasons... *whispers* she don't work for MI5 so I finks dis be an excuse for forgetting to take dem!

After a few hours working it wos time to leave and find da hotel.  It was right by a road with a name dat mum fort deserved a photo *tuts at soppiness of mum*

Love is in da aiiiiiiiir... did you spot Mini-Winston posing?
At da hotel, mum and Mini-Winston checked in and went up to der room.

Where you gonna sleeps mum?
Wot a lovely view!

Noms time!!
After dinner dey wotched telly and went to sleep.

Mini-Winston catching up on da morning news
After a quick shower (mum, not Mini-Winston cos he be wooly!) it be brekkie time.

SOSSIGES!!  No fair!!
After a busy day in da office, it wos home time again

Close up!
Noms for da train home
Tis a long journey apparently so mum had to keep Mini-Winston entertained

Despicable Me and Wotsits... nomnomnom!
4 & 1/2 hours later and dey did arrive home.  Mum says I did da bestest happy dance ever! *puffs out chest with pride*
Well dat wos Mini-Winston II first mini-adventure, I hopes der won't be many more cos dat will mean dat I is left at home again!!

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