Sunday, 19 May 2013

Action Packed Walk

Hey pals!  Today me and mum went to our reservoir for a lovely early morning walk

I is sure dis is no supposed to be here!
A photo for those of you who likes views

Tasting natures finest
After da quick snack it wos time for zoooooooooooooooooomies...

I zoom down here...
I zoom up here...
I zoom dis way...
Quick stop for photo...
Zooming again...
Action shot...
I can't stop!!
Where my front leg go??!!
Dat wos fun!
We carried on with our walk and came across a sorry sight... a very sorry sight indeed.  Rohan (@RohanTheBT) don't look at dis next photo...

RIP tennis ball
When we got home we decided to chill out in da garden and I found a good spot for a nap...


I loves weekends!  I hopes you is all enjoying yours too.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Crazy Bank Holiday Weekend!

Our first bit of excitement on dis lovely bank holiday weekend wos when da vet lady called to give us my blood test results.  She did say da my bloods is perfect so I gots to keeps taking my medications and hopefully my nudey bits will grow back and I will no longer be nudey!!

Left side nudey bits

Right side nudey bits... not nearly as bad as left side
Today we got up early and went to do a big walk at Skirrid Fawr.  Mum found da walk on da interest where da maps be flat so she no realise how steep da climbing wos gonna be *tuts*
I sits on da bench like peoples

Me and dad found a camp... bit of a squeeze!

Din dins...

Apparently it not din dins time yet so we carried on with da walking

Poo rolling time!!

Off I go...

I'm coming...

Here I be!

Dad say he do show me how to climb a tree...

Ummm Dad I finks you do it wrong... just sayin!

Checking out da view

I decided da my zoomies where not zoomy enough so I made a 'go faster' stripe...

Stinky stripe! Fanks foxys!

Not quite sure wot mum doing with camera here

More zooms

While mum and dad stopped to view sights and stuff, I found my own entertainment... A DEAD FOX!

Pay back foxy!!

Oooooo mud

We fort da we had done a steep walk already but da wos nofink compared to da next map directions...

Up da side of a friggin mountain! Are you CRAZY!!

Apparently we are...

My next trick wos to spot sheeps and den chase dem!  Mum went nuts!  She yelled, she whistled, at one point I fort she wos gonna cry!  Dad followed me and brought me back to her den she calmed down and we carried on up da mountain.

Once we got to da very top we decided to stop for food.

Mmmm sandwich and wotsits... every mountain climber needs wotsits!

Crack 'em open den mum!

One for da #BTPosse

After noms we stopped to take loads of boring photos of mum and dad and views and stuff den we decided to go back down da mountain... da sensible way dis time!

Punishment for da sheep chasings

I want to go dis way dad!!

Me, Dad and da Black Mountains

Me, Mum and da Black Mountains... hurry up with da photo taking!!

Are you sure dis is da way down... I don't want to drop off da end of da World!

When we got home, mum made me have a shower to wash off da sheep poo and da foxy poo and da dead foxy smell.  Cos I wos such a good boy I got a pawesome treat...

Maxi my noms!!


After all da mountain fun, da shower and da noms, it wos time for my naps

 I is still napping now...