Monday, 17 June 2013

Da Legend Known As Ted!

Hey pals

Today do be a sad day.  Today our pal Ted went over the rainbow bridge.

For those of you who is not lucky enough to no Ted (I feels sorry for yous by da way) he was da King of dogs.  Dis be Ted...

Da silver fox Ted

Ted was 15 1/2 years old but still a pup at heart.  He was one of my first pals on Twitter and introduced me to lots and lots of new pals.

Ted finking wise fings to share with us
I is trying not to be sad and to remember da happy days and da laughs we did haves on da twitter.  Ted wos a pawesome pal and I misses him dearly.

Big loves and licks as well as bucket loads of hugs go out to his mum, Joanne, and his brothers Issac (also a BT... border terriorist to those who no understand) and Bobo-cat (Bobo be a cat... tis in da name!)

We loves you and misses you loads Ted pal... you is truly a legend *sniff sniff*


  1. We're all going to miss Ted!

    1. We is indeed pal, good jobs we have each other #woof

  2. He was a great pal Winstun....I ope you dussnt mind that we haz him wiv us now at the Bridge....he do be wotchin you all and opes you will be looking after Izak for is a trusted companyun for us terriers

    1. It makes me happy to finks da you and Ted is together and creating mischief. I nos you is looking out for us still.

      I is keeping an eye on Issac and Bobo Cat to make sure dey is ok and will take over as der big brother. Dey in safe paws!

  3. Gwate blog Winstons! Shure Ted appweshiate yooz werdz!

  4. Dem was lovely forts Winston,I finks Jed will be up there too wif Marley.I bets der haf been zoomies and evryfing.
    Dey haf no pain now and will be healed and happy.