Friday, 5 July 2013

Birthday Boy!!

Hey pals *waves paw*
For dem of yous who not no, yesterday (4th July) wos my 4th birthday!
I did gets lots of pressies, some arrived da day before my birthday.
Dis my present from Scrappy Nelson (@scrappyn)
I want to open it now!
Oooooooo exciting, a pressie from Issac and Bobo Cat! (@realjoannek)
Mum is a big meanie and made me wait til my birthday to open my pressies. 
Birthday morning restings
After work I wos allowed to open my pressies.  Mum put dem all on da sofa for me to see.
First I opened my pressies from Issac, Bobo Cat and Scrappy Nelson
I is opening my pressie
Great pressies from great pals!
New toy fun!
Me working on my #destructogang technique
My new treats ball!
Test driving da noms ball!
Den I did FaceTime with Nanny and Grandad and dey wotched me open all my pressies dat dey gave me.

So many noms!
Mmmmmm cigar!
When Daddy got home, he helped me open my pressies from him and mummy.

Hold it steady... I nearly der!!
Ooooo a dumbbell to do my weights liftings!
A dinosaur bone!!
Too much to choose from!!
Din dins mat!
Happy birthday to me...
Mmmmmmm #nomnomnom
I had a pawesome birthday, it wos so much fun.  I a spoilt boy and is so grateful for lovely family and pals!


  1. Winston! We luvs diz blog - yoo looks sooo appi! Dat gween wopr toy look gwate fun! Glad yoo ad luvli day!

  2. Great burfday blogg Winston,you be wun very appy dog and yous mummy and daddy luv you loads.4 be a good age.x

    1. I has a great mum & dad, a great nanny & granddad and pawesome pals!! It wos such a good birthday! #woof

  3. Appy burfdee my pal. Is good to see you wiv yore toys. I ope Claptun did stop by on forff Jooly to wish you appy returns....

    1. Fanks pal. Clapton did wish me happy birthday wishes.