Saturday, 1 June 2013

Nudey Bits Update!

Hey pals *waves paw*

I fort I would updates you on my nudey bits situation.  About a month ago mum had a call from da vet to say dat my bloods were back to 'normal' so my medications are workings and I has to taken dem for life.  Da vet said dat it could take ages for my furs to grow back.

Dis wos my left side nudey bit in February...

Eeeek! I is nudey!
And dis is my left side nudey bit today!  See I has no nudey bit!!! 

No nudey bits!!!
Here is my right side nudey bit... not as bad as left side but it wos getting worse every week.
2 small nudey bits
And here is my right side nudey bits today!!  See no more nudey bits!!

I no more nudey!
We is very excited about dis and very happy dat mum and dad changed my vet from one who said der wos nofink wrong with me to a vet who knows her stuff.  Big licks to da lovely lady vet!!
I has to go back in 6 months time for a check-up and we has to buy medications every month.  I goes to da vet to pick up my medications and sometimes meet new pals.  Tis fun!
I hopes you is all as happy as me and my mum and dad *does happy dance with jazz paws*


  1. Winstons! Dat be soopa! Weez so glad to see yoo az stop stweekin nd put yooz furs on! Wel dunto yoo nd yooz m&d pal!

  2. Egg-sellent news my pal....I got very cheezed-off wiv da vet shavin me to attach monnytors and wot not and leevin me nivver grew back propply

    1. Oh dear pal! We is not supposed to be bald! Mine is still a bit thin but hopefully it will thicken up again #woof

  3. Hi Winston,dat be pawsum news about no havin no more nudey bits.I still fort you was ansome even wif dem nudey bits,but very appy for da mummy too.

    1. *blushes* fanks Bonnie, dat is so sweet of you *blushes*