Saturday, 15 September 2012

Presents From A Lovely Friend

Dis week I received presents from my lovely American friend Bean. 

Dis be da lovely Bean (@beanobrien13)
She sent a bunch of stuff to Ted and Issac who sent some to me and some to our pal Scrappy Nelson.
Dis be Ted and Issac (@realjoannek)
impersonating customs dogs
I was so excited and tried to eat da envelope
Dis be my package from Ted and Issac with
lovely presents from Bean inside
Inside da package was milk bones which I has never tried before and dey is looooooovely!  Bean's mum also made peanut butter blossoms for our mummy's which was so thoughtful and apparently dey tasted amazing... I wouldn't know... *glares at woman who calls herself my mum*

Me eating da nommy milk bone
 Dis be Scrappy Nelson (@scrappyn)
eating da milk bone too
My week was going so well until today when it took a turn for da worse... I had to go to da VETS!!  Dad had to come too as I is too big and strong for mummy to hold - I turn into a demon dog who wiggles out of her grip!
Da evil vet was very rude and said dat I is overweight, I knew I should've bitten him!  I is 37.5kgs and he said I should weigh 35kgs.  Cheek of him!  He wasn't exactly a supermodel himself!
After da vets we came home again and I played in da garden for a while.
Wot be dat over der...
Den I came indoors and got my reward for not killing da vet even tho he would've deserved it... a lovely big bone!  Mmmmmmmmm...
Nom nom nom 

I is now snoozing... zzzzzzz...

Well pals dats all my news for now, I hopes to blog again soon.



  1. You have had quite da week my pal. I just whisper to you that vets is genrully very nice folk and they is very kind to me and makes me well when I am not well so they is treated very nicely here at all times...just sayin

    1. You is so wise Marley pal and I is so glad you like da vets cos you has to visit dem more den I does. I is scared of dem you sees and mum & dad don't know why. I bets I would love dem outside of the consultation room!