Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Week Full of Noms

Last week was a week full of noms and it was bliss!
First noms came from My Pet Holiday.  All I dids was write a review on my dog walker on da website http://www.mypetholiday.com/ and dey sent me noms!  Bonus!
#nomnomnom from @mypetholiday
I will definitely do a review on my kennels after my holibobs!
Next in the noms department was a delivery of biscuits from http://www.royalbarkshirebiscuits.co.uk/ wot mummy ordered.  Dey is handmade by a lovely lady on Twitter @RoyalBarkBisc and her Chief Taster is her doggy Bella. 
Delivered in one piece... won't stay like dat for long!
Now let me just move da paper aside...
Da bones is smokey bacon and da hearts be mint
Da mint hearts does be good for da digestive system and helps reduce da farts which I hear some dogs suffer from.  I does not have dis problem... honest! *toot*
Later dat week mummy went out with her friend for a Chinese buffet and brought me back some nommy ribs.
Put da bowl on da floor woman!!

I has my mummy very well trained, she is not allowed to leave da house without a supply of plastic food bags in her pocket! *gives mum a treat for good behaviour*

Der is more noms in da cupboard and I is determined to find out how to break in!

Laters pals...

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  1. Oh, WInston, that was a most excellent blog....you must be feelin quite full by now so if there be anyfing left you only haz to call for help...you gots my number