Thursday, 6 September 2012

My Time Off Work... Ahhhhh Bliss!

Hello my pals!  How are you all?

Well I has had a busy couple of weeks, first Daddy went away and Mummy took time off work to look after me.  She took me down to Bournemouth to visit my Nanny and Granddad and my Uncle Paul, dey lives near a woods so we went for a little walkies.

Me in da woods

Wot was dat noise???
We off mum, dat noise was not normal!

We came home after a few days and met up with mummy's friend Maria and her 2 dogs, my bestest pals, Lexi and Charlie (dey has features on my blog about da dog show with da stoopid judge who loved stoopid clearly preferred Huskies!)

We did lots of running and zoomies in da woods at Wentwood, Newport. It was lots of fun and we raced.
Charlie tries to trip me up cos I is winning!

Mum and her pal were chatting away so I decided to roll in da foxes poo whilst dey wos distracted... mmmmmmm foxy poop!

We a bit tired and not so zooooooomy
After a couple of hours of zooming and foxy poop rolling, we decided to go home for naps and treats...

Dis was not da treat I had in mind! I hates showers!

Da weather got a bit pants so mummy let me play Speedy Ball! Tis a fab game with a ball filled with treats dat is very speedy. The lounge comes off badly though...

Speedy Ball trashed da lounge

I loves da speedy ball!
Speeeeeeeeeedy baaaaaaaaaallll

One evening Mummy did abandon me to go and have Chinese food with her friend so I made sure she took some plastic food bags with her and gave her strict instructions to bring back noms.

Mummy did as she was told... mmmmmm ribs
 Soon it was time for Daddy to come home so I did my bestest happy dance and wagged my tails as quickly as I could for him
Welcome home Daddy!
So dat was my mini-adventures for another blog.  I hopes you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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