Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Muddy Walk in Da Woods!

Today I took mum for a walk in da woods. It had rained all morning so we waited until it stopped and got out for some fresh air and smells.

It wos also a good opportunity to test out my new no pull (yeah right!) harness with its red 'go faster' strap.

Zoooooooom... oh drat, I do be attached to her!

We did find a giant stick by a giant puddle

I wonders if I can takes it home?

I did take mum closer to da giant puddle and we had a dip. She wore her wellies so didn't mind me dragging her in. Winston 1... no pull harness 0!

Cool me paws

Back on track for more walkings and sniffings

Come on woman, we has fings to sniff!

A bit further on and I did lets her stop to take more photos of me cos I do be very handsome indeed.

Does dis pose look natural?

Der wos a big brick fingy so she wanted to stops and have a look.

Dis better no be da holiday cottage you booked for us!

After being reassured dat we wos no going to live here for a few days, it wos time to carry on.

Shall we go dis way?

Or dat way?

Make a choice for dogs sake!

Well she finally chose to go dat way and we found another puddle with a wooden bridge but I is a water boy now so I did no use it.

Splish splash!

We got out of da woods and she did find a view to take photos of *tuts*


Back into da woods and on with da adventure!

Dis be my serious face

Well you will never guess wot happened when we gots home... she BATHED ME!!  Outrageous I know!

I will gets my revenge *evil laugh*

Well I did decide for forgives her when I saw she wos going into my treat cupboard. 


OMD looks at da size of it!

Mmmmmm I close my eyes to concentrate on da tastes

Well dat is all da news for today my pals, I is going to have a nap now to recover from my mini-adventure *waves paw*


  1. Dat be da pawfik day Winstons! Look at da size dat Wonki Chomp! Yoo sooooo luki! Fab blg pal!

  2. I haz chek da fotos Winston my pal an yoo is wite in all of dem...dat baff waz oly unnecesaree