Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wot I Gots Up To In January...

Hey pals, sorry for not blogging for a while but it been a slow January and den my tinternet wouldn't let me into Blogger so I had to get mum to put da bitey on it. *kicks tinternet*

So I has not really been up to much dis January cos da weather has been awful, it no stopped raining for weeks and everyfing is damp and soggy so I has had to find my own entertainment indoors.

Da entertainment started off slowly...


I did try different napping positions in order for find da most effective one.

Dis be my centrefold pose

I den moved to my bed in da lounge

I may have misjudged dis

Da next entertainment wos impressions

I do be a parrot!

Den it be back to sleeping positions

I do be very comfy up here

Den somefing shocking happened... I wos SHOWERED!  I no even roll in poo!

I can no at you woman who calls herself my mum!

Da shower did help me discover another sleeping position

Napping and drying... I do be a multi-tasking pup!

Once dry I wos back up on my sofa for mummy cuddles

I do be sleeping with 1 eye open after da shower incident

Da bestest sleeping position ever turns out to be on da big bed

Tis my bed and you no have it back!

I did also do some chewing, it wos no all sleepings.

Doing my weights

Chewing my yellow bone... I hope dat no wee-wee colouring

I did also helps mum with da baking

See you no need a dishwasher!

Da baking wos tiring works so I did have another nap

Give me 3 hours and I be a new pup!

Den I did do my next favourite fing, chewing another bone.

I do seem to be going pink... so does da rug!

Well dis has been my January and as you can see it wos actually very busy and exhausting!  Here's to a February filled with more naps, more chewing and no showers!!

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  1. I are happrove of all dis my pal….septin for da shower…dat be offside...