Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Fun So Far...

Hey pals

I do be having a pawesome Christmas and I hopes you all is too.

Da fun all started when mum made me an advent calendar

Me pawesome advent calendar of noms!
Den da BT Posse calendar did arrive with da postyman and you will never guess wot... I is in it!

I is Mr January!
But you is no BT I hears you says.  Well da BT Posse did give me honorary membership of da posse and I is da officially doggy-guard.

I also got free noms... mmmmmmm!

Not only did I get a homemade advent calendar but mum also made me a Christmas bed cover!

Loves me new bed cover
Before I nos it Christmas Eve had arrived and me advent calendar had no more noms to give me

Den Christmas Day did arrives at last and mum made me pose in front of da tree with her.
Hurry up, I gotta go see what Santa Paws did bring me.
Well, as you can sees Santa Paw did visit me and left me lots of pressies
I do be a spoilt boy!
Mum held da presents while I opened dem... I has to let her help otherwise she sulks *tuts*

Has you no got your own mum?
I did get sooooooooooooooo many fings
A dinosaur bone
A balaclava cos some of da #BTPosse is planning a
bank job in order to buy lots more noms and toys
Dad den did insist on helping me open some more presents

I gots a squeaky snake!!!!

Ooooooo wot do dis one be?
Tis big, round and blue...
Tis a giant ball!!
Looks at all my presents.  I would like to take dis opportunity to say a massive fank you to all my family and pals wot did spend der noms money on me *a manly hug and a paw punch to all*

Mum did get a lovely present from her friend, tis a mug with Ted da Legend on it.  Ted went over da rainbow bridge last year and we all misses him lots.
Cuppa tea and a chat with Ted
Later after mum spent hours in da kitchen making a mess, I did get my own Christmas dinner

You will regret putting da sprouts in Mum!

Christmas day went in a blur of presents and noms so when Boxing Day arrived I decided to play with my new squeaky foxy but someone must've got to him first cos dis is what I found! 

I did not do dis... honest *crosses paws behind back*
Squeaky foxy wos da first, and definitely not da last, victim of Christmas.  We den went outside with my new ball for lots of play.  Mum said it would help me burn off some Christmas calories.  Wot a cheek! *sucks in tummy*
I is practising to join da circus
If only da ball would stay still den I could climb on it!
Refreshments needed...
Dat is my Christmas story so far, I do believe der is lots more to come so I will keeps you updated!
Merry Christmas pals and I hopes you all have a pawesome New Year!

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  1. Yoo hazzin a paw some time I fink Wunstun my pal…keep up da good werk and dussnt be takin craps from no fur bowt yore manly fizeek...