Saturday, 20 April 2013

I is a Fox Hunter!!

Hey pals!  Today I has been a fox hunter and went for a walk.
Dis is da map dat helps me be a fox hunter
So we is walking along and all of a sudden I sees A SHEEP!!!!!!  He just stood der looking at me!
We is in da middle of a staring competition
After da shock of da cheeky sheep, we carried on our walk
Dis is me and my mummy
Tis a beautiful day so we has a looks around and can see mum's car in da distance
If you squint you can sees it in da red circle

More sheeps and der baby lambs
Dis is me and my #destructogang and #BTPosse members patches
on my back pack... oh yeah and mum carries it for me!

After da photo session we is back to da walkings 

I is leading da way... straight into a muddy puddle
*giggles behind paw*
Mum and dad be big meanies concerned about my healths and safety so I wos not allowed off da lead.  Dey finks I will either chase sheeps and runs off (as if!) or runs too fast and fall of da cliff *tuts*
Look at da view!
I loves living in Wales... ahhhhh!
Da black sheep of da family!
After a while we sits down for a rest and a cuppa tea... mmmmmmm tea!

More view looking!

I is looking at da sheeps in da distance

Wonder if mum has any sheep poo on da bottom of her shoes
Me and my daddy
Me and my mummy

Finally we carries on with da walkings and we reaches da trig point 

I peed on it *sniggers*
Leading da way again... no mud though

Cos humans be lazy creatures, we is having yet another rest *sighs* 

My butt is falling through da cracks on dis bench!
I invented dis... tis called a wheel!
More sheeps!
I did not sees any foxes but I is still a fox hunter for sure!  Mum says da name of da place be somefing to do with an horse but I not so sure cos I saw none of dem either!


  1. Wow! Looks like da pawfik day Winston! We wud defo chase da sheep if wuz no on leed! Soopa vyoos. #woof

  2. I see you avin a loveley day my pal.....Wales is lookin furry innerestin ...although there is a notable shortage of Wales...I expect they do not have enuff water on the top of them hills....

    1. Da Wales does seem to hide a lot, I has never seen one in all da time I've lived here!