Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Very Special Sunday...

First of all I want to says happy Mother's Day to my mummy and dis blog is for her.

Dis morning I gave mummy some presents and cards from me and Daddy. She wos so excited dat she had trouble opening her presents, luckily I wos on paw to help her. I has pawesome #destructogang teeth you knows.

I helps mum... I has da teeths for it!

Eventually she got da hang of it and da presents were opened...

 Ooooooo dey smells good... wot you mean I can't have any??
Alright I shall just eat dat box instead den!
Dees be mum's cards and presies cos we loves her so...

Spoilt mummy!
Cos I wos such a good boy and helped opened da presents, I got a present of my own

Wot a day! 
Happy Mother's Day to all da mummies out der!


  1. Oh Winston,you would melt any Mummies' heart on Muvvers day.Dem choclits look yummy.
    Your chewy looks like a bagel.I like dem too.

  2. Ah, you are so sweet for your mum my pal....