Sunday, 20 January 2013

More Snow Fun!

Me again pals *waves paw*

Last night I was so tired after all my playing in da snow dat I decided to steal mum's chair and she didn't have da heart to move me cos she is a sucker so lovely

Oh but mummy I is so comfy...
Dis morning we went out in da snow again and found some paw prints

Ooooooo I wonder where dees is from...
Turns out dat dey is mine!

Wot you mean da snowdog not come visit?!
I went off sniffing around and da next fing I no, we has a visitor for real!
Who do you be den?
He is not very chatty.

I is bored of you already!
Mum wanted a picture taken with da new no-speaking pal... she is strange like dat!

Hurry up, I gots more snow to sniff!

We is not sure if da snow be staying or going, some say we is getting more... I hopes so!



  1. Winston! Yooz look like you wedy to put da bitey on dat snowman! Misrabel iz wot dey iz. I do peemail dem nd Molly do eet dem! Gwate blog pal!

    1. I kept trying to eats him but mummy said "leave!"... I shall gets him later. I might try da peemail option!

  2. I fort for a minnut that you has had a visit from da beast of bodman moor or even da big foot yeti,but was jus your big feets.You is having so much fun in da snow.