Saturday, 19 January 2013

I Loves Snow!

Today's blog be all about da snow! I loves da snow! I wish it would snow every day but some pals don't like it so I settle for once in a while.
We woke up Friday morning to lots and lots of lovely white fluffy snow.  We got our coats on and went outside to pal... I was very very excited...
Me doing da zoomies in da lovely snow

I zoomed past mum den zoomed back and tried to steal her glove... I missed tho... darn it... I loves gloves

Gimme da glove!
Dad distracted me from da glove-napping with a game of 'catch da snowball'...
After da snowball fun I decided to investigate da rest of da garden
More moochin'...
Action shot!
Dis is how much I loves da snow...

*spin spin spin wag wag wag*
I had so much fun but was getting chilly so went indoors and napped for da rest of da day.  When I woke up today da snow was still here so we went to da field

Checking for peemails from pals on da way
I zoomed and zoomed and zoomed.  Mum saw me zooming straight for her so dodged me... dey has learnt da hard way!

Gots to keep her on her toes!
Eventually I slowed down...

She caught me!

I is now snoring on my bed and recharging my batteries for more snow fun before it melts away.


  1. Winston! Look like yoo ad gwate fun pal! Duz yoo no wer dem snowballs go! Weez can neva find dem! Soopa blog mate! Well dun! Long stay da snow!

    1. I is still looking for da snowballs... dey goes up in da air den disappear... tis like magic!

  2. Lucky you! I love snow and we got none this year! I will enjoy the snow vicariously through you! Thanks Love Dolly

  3. Glad u made a new silent, strong cool pal. U are paw dorable whee.

  4. Oh weeeeeeeeee you really enjoyed da snow my good to see.....pawsonally, I prefer da naps by the fire but each to his own...

    1. I play first den do loads of napping! #woof