Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fire Fire!

Hey pals!

Tis me, Winston.  We has had a very exciting week dis week so I fort it wos about time I blogged again.
Our new log burner
Our new log burner still no been installed
Den on Wednesday some men did turns up and fit it for us.
Toasty warm!
On Thursday it wos Halloween and mum has been growing a pumpkin specially for dis occasion.
Tis a bit on da tiny side mum, da lemon nearly bigger!
As mum's pathetic attempt at growing da pumpkin wos an epic fail did not go to plan, she did buy one from Tesco.
Dats much better!
After works mum rolled up her shelves and carved da pumpkins for me.
Oooooooo scary!
Right back to da log burner...
Der no flameys!
Apparently we has to wait until we need to light da fire and not just cos I wants it.  So I decided to eat my bone instead... well it is Saturday after all, a day of play time and noms!
Finally we did have da fire lit.  Der wos a mishap when Mum tried to build it and smoked da house out instead but Dad saved da day 
Fire makes me sleepy
I no hogging it!!
I need to lie down but I too far away!
Closer but not as comfy
Dat better!
Today be Sunday and chilly so Mum crocheted Mini-Winston a new scarf.
Very dapper bro!
Mum decided dat we should go pine cone hunting cos she heard it make fire smell nice when you burn dem.

Mini-Winston packed my bag
I did some zoomies thru da mud!
We searched and searched but didn't find many pine cones, we did find loads of dees tho

Weird spikey fings

When we got home I had a shower cos I rolled in da foxy poo again *giggles behind paw*

We den showed Mini-Winston our collection of pine cones but he wos no impressed.  He fort dey would be bigger!
We wos disappointed so need to find somewhere else to hunt da pine cones.  In da meantime, we has found something else to toast on da fire!!!
Well dat is all my news, tis now time to light da fire and have a snooze... zzzzzzzzzzz...

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