Sunday, 24 February 2013

Weekend Walks

Hey pals, tis me Winston!

I fort I'd tell you about some walks da me and mummy has been on, well tis da same walk done 2 Sundays in a row.  We is getting fit!

Mummy drove us in da car to get to Coom Cuum Cwmynnnnnnn Cwmynysscooooog *mutters under breath something about difficult Welsh words* Cwmynyscog to do da Edlogan Manor walk which has a mountain, trees and a reservoir.

Dis is some photos from last weekend...

I see da sheeps... I want da sheeps!

Lets go dis way!
Once we got to da reservoir, mum let me off da lead
Dis is a dangerous walk... I nearly got wet paws!
Now time for posing by my #destructogang walking bag... da fings I do for my mum!

Hurry up woman, I've got more zoomies waiting for me
I smelled tea and donuts... where dey be?
Mmmmmm donut #nomnomnom

Now for today's photos!  We woke up to a sprinkling of snow everywhere and it was soooooooo chilly but Mum insisted dat we gets up and goes walking.

I finks we should go back to da warm car
Oooooooo sheeps!

Time for a little drinkies

Now for some zooooooooomies!
And some sniffings...
And more zooooooomies!

Me and my mummy! I is posing...

My reservoir

On our way back to da car, we came across some tree carvings... of mushrooms.

More posing mum... ooooo da floor is cold!

Ok make it quick *poses*
Wot a lovely view...

So pals, I has had some lovely walks lately and I hopes to have lots more... as long as da horrible rain stays away!!

I is now at home and has been showered *glares at mum*... nap time is calling.

Zzzzzzzzzz *snores*



  1. Woof! Dat wesevwah look gwate fun Winston! We speshully like da #destructogang hat -er- bag! Wel dun pal nuva bwill blog!

    1. Fanks Jack pal!! Da resevoir is great fun and I loves to do da zoomies der! #woof

  2. Excellent walkin my chum...good job not chasin the sheeps as they has pawtected status....i fink you haz earned your naps too....

    1. I finks da only reason I no chase da sheeps is cos I wos on da lead. I don't mean too... it just kinds happens! #woof