Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Christmas Photo Shoot

Hey pals!

In November mum decided to do my photo shoot for my Christmas photo.  Dis entailed props and noms... plenty of noms!  Dis is how it went...

Ok, here we go...

I likes noms... I could get use to dis!

I just need to check da lighting...

Me finks dis one is a bit too close!

Wot have you put on my head??!!

Oh da shame!

If I eat da props den I won't have to suffer no more...

*tries distraction technique* Wots dat over der??

Ruuuuuuuun foooooor iiiiiiiiit!

Drat, dey did not falls for it!

Where did my ears go?

Oh dis is sooooo embarrasing!

*mutters* Stupid parents and der stupid Christmas photo!

We done! Now to eat da props!

I will #destructogang you antlers!

And now to deal with you camera person!
And after all dat, here is da finished Christmas photo for you all to enjoy...

I wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


  1. Winston,this was one hilarious blog.You is so ansome and funny and I bets your hoomans luv you to bits.
    Hope Santa is good to you.

  2. He he.....oh dear Big haz suffered the annual indignitee....*adds to list of Things I Dont Miss Being OTRB*.....

    1. *giggles* Da fings I do for M&D! *tuts* Miss ya Lil M xx