Saturday, 26 April 2014

Da Gigantic Puddle Walk

Hey pals

Me and mummy did go for a walk dis morning to a new place, we went to Roath Park boating lake in Cardiff.  Tis basically a gigantic puddle but it wos pawesome and mum said it wos very beautiful too!

Me looking at a giant puddle

Big white fing floating on giant puddle

We did see a man with a big plastic bag and da big white fings went running up to him cos he wos throwing bread to dem.  I wanted to get some but mum said no cos I had already eaten me brekkie.

Bread man!!

Some of da bit white fings had babies with dem, dey wos yellow and very fluffy!


More babies...

Mum kept stopping to take photos and saying "oh it's so beautiful!" *tuts*

Tis really a giant puddle!

Da giant puddle has a clock

Part of Roath Park is pretty gardens and we did see lots of toolips

Does dees flowers make me look less manly??!!

I does be playing it cool!

More toolips

We did see da boats dat da hoomans use to float about on da giant puddle

You will never get me in one of dem!

Dis stops stoopid hoomans falling in

Mum took dis one...

It wos a pawesome walk and we had so much fun, I hopes to go der again real soon!

Happy Winston!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hey pals

I did gets a visit from my Nanny and Uncle Paul dis weekend, it wos very exciting and we did get spoilts!

But does you ever feel da visitors be taking liberties...

OK, I can do dis sharing fing

Tis not too bad... I suppose

I even managed a little nap... zzzzz

OK mate, happy time is over.  Shift!

Ooooo dat is better... wot if I just stretch a bit tho...

Wots you doing up der??!!  *giggles behind paw*

So da moral of da bloggy is be sneaky with dem guest who does try to invade your space!